The King of Life (Król życia) with English subtitles

THE KING OF LIFE (KRÓL ŻYCIA) - with English subtitles
at Kino Pod Baranami from September 25, 2015

Pod Baranami Cinema invites all English-speaking viewers to the screenings of the Polish film THE KING OF LIFE (KRÓL ŻYCIA), the directorial debut by Jerzy Zieliński, starring Robert Więckiewicz (Walesa: Man of Hope, In Darkness). The movie will be screened with English subtitles.

The story of Edward, a grouchy corporate worker that experiences a sudden transformation, has its roots in a series of satirical drawings by Fadi Chakkour, a lawyer based in Warsaw. Edward doesn’t cope with separating his personal life from his career, which results in diffusing all his frustration to relationships with people closest to him. Unexpectedly, a car accident changes his attitude and makes him think clearly. What is more, it makes him think positively, which has a huge influence on others.

THE KING OF LIFE is a first feature film by Zieliński, who is known for his work as the cinematographer of Ucieczka z kina ‘Wolność’ by Wojciech Marczewski or Washington Square by Agnieszka Holland. What are the results of changing position from behind the camera to the film director’s chair? See KING OF LIFE in Kino Pod Baranami to find out!

The film will be shown with English subtitles.


dir. Jerzy Zieliński, Poland 2015, 96’ (in Polish with English subtitles)

The film tells the story of Edward, a corporate businessman whose life is an endless stream of annoyance and frustration. He is mean to his wife, he doesn’t have patience for the daughter and he doesn’t have time for his old father.. One day, he ends up involved in a serious accident which completely transforms his worldview. Edward quits his job so that he can uncover the "king of life" within himself. The film stars one of the most acclaimed Polish actors, Robert Wieckiewicz (Walesa: Man of Hope, In Darkness).

Playing the character of Edward, Robert Więckiewicz had to show the full range of emotions - starting from those dark, which belong to a man living a life of the big city and work in a corporation. Then in the second part of the film he finds his bright side. This movie is then about searching your light side.
Director about his movie

It will infect you with optimism!

It’s light and optimistic cinema, maybe a bit crazy and maybe a bit haunted.

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