The winner of Gdynia Film Festival: Gods (Bogowie) with English subtitles

The winner of Gdynia Film Festival: GODS (BOGOWIE) - with English subtitles in Kino Pod Baranami
from October 10, 2014

Pod Baranami Cinema invites all English-speaking viewers to the screenings of Polish film Gods (Bogowie) directed by Łukasz Palkowski. The movie will be screened with English subtitles from October 10.

Gods by Łukasz Palkowski - with amazing role by Tomasz Kot - was the big winner at this year’s annual showcase of Polish cinema at Gdynia Film Festival. The movie will officially open the 26th Polish Film Festival in Chicago, November 8, 2014.

20 PLN
(regular - weekend)
18 PLN (regular - week days)
14 PLN (discount)
12 PLN (senior)

Tuesday - Wednesday, October 7-8, 6.45 p.m.
(Tickets: 20 PLN - regular; 14 PLN - discount)


dir. Łukasz Palkowski, Poland 2014, 121’ (in Polish with English subtitles)

39th Gdynia Film Festival: Best Movie; Best Actor (Tomasz Kot); Best Script

A story based on the facts from a life of professor Zbigniew Religa, a famous Polish cardiosurgeon. Religa performed the first successful heart transplant in then communist Poland in the 1980’s; he was the father of human organ transplantation in the country. It’s a portrait of an extraordinary human being, full of emotion and far from any embelishment, who dared to challenge the existing rules under extremely adverse and difficult circumstances.

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