W imię... (In the Name of...) with English subtitles

Acclaimed Polish director Małgośka Szumowska (Elles) returns with a powerful, controversial film starring renowned Polish actor Andrzej Chyra as a priest in rural Poland troubled by his homosexual desire.

The film will be screened with English subtitles.

dir. Malgoska Szumowska, Poland 2013, 101' - premiere: September 20th

Teddy Award at the Berlin Film Festival 2013
Silver Lions Award at the Gdynia Film Festival 2013

A new priest in a small town launches a centre for local troubled youths. He quickly becomes a hero to his protégés, and a role model and source of inspiration for his parishioners. Yet he himself is troubled by loneliness and emotional chaos.

An intelligent, non-judgmental drama about a committed youngish priest grappling with the urges of the flesh. Screen International

Actor Andrzej Chyra delivers a full-bodied portrait of a devout country priest struggling with his sexuality. The Hollywood Reporter

It's rare that a film manages to tackle such a controversial concept with such acute observation of the human element, mixing logic, social analysis and sincere emotion in the same package.

TRAILER (with English subtitles):

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