Miłość (Loving) with English subtitles!

The story of the difficult marriage of a thirty-something couple.

The film will be screened with English subtitles!

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about the movie:

dir. Sławomir Fabicki, Poland 2012, 105'

Maria and Tomek are in their thirties and have been married 10 years. Both find fulfilment in their jobs. They are working together on the decoration of their flat and are expecting a baby. It seems that nothing can disturb their peaceful lives. But one day something happens which puts their love to the test. Director's statement: "'Loving' is a film dwelling on very intimate issues in which I uncover a very complex marriage relationship. It's actually a story about various aspects of love: responsibility, jealousy, fear, forgiveness, empathy and absence of the same. About all those good and bad feelings that accompany a relationship once the phase of euphoric love has passed, when we ask ourselves: am I still in love? In my film I show how people learn to open up to another person. How, living together, they finally see their partner. They take responsibility for that person and that person's love".

Marcin Dorociński, Julia Kijowska, Adam Woronowicz, Agata Kulesza, Dorota Kolak, Marian Dziędziel, Wojciech Mecwaldowski

about the director:

Sławomir Fabicki
Director, scriptwriter. Born in 1970 in Warsaw. He studied at the University of Warsaw's Faculty of Mathematics, Information Technology and Mechanics in 1990-94, and in 1992-94 took a screenplay writing course at the Łódź Film School, where he began studying directing in 1995. He graduated in 2001 with the film A Man Thing, nominated for a European Film Award and for an Oscar in the live action short film category. His first feature film Retrieval (WFF 2006) was presented at the Cannes Film Festival (2006), where it received a special mention from the Ecumenical Jury. The film was also Poland's candidate for an Oscar. Love is his second feature film.

trailer (with english subtitles):

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