AELITA & PUKALUK - screening of silent film with live music

- screening of silent film with live music
15th March 2012, 9.00 PM

On March 15th, as a part of Krakow edition of “Sputnik over Poland” festival, Pod Baranami Cinema will host a screening of the world’s first feature length science-fiction movie, AELITA, directed by Yakob Protazanov, with live music performed by composer Marcin Pukaluk.

Pukaluk creates non-conventional music arrangements of masterpieces of silent cinematography, taking into account sensitivity of modern audience. His musical interpretation of AELITA - silent movie with action taking place in Soviet Russia and on Mars - uses varied instrumentation, comprising both classical accordion and modern synthesizer.


Ekran w mroku (Screen in the Dark Project)

Ekran i rewolucja (Screen and Revolution Project)


dir. Yakov Protazanov, 1924, 80 min.

Silent science-fiction film based on Aleksey Tolstoy’s novel. Its action takes place in Soviet reality as well as on Mars. The protagonist of the movie is Soviet engineer Los' who, together with a Red Army soldier Gusev, takes into space in order to bring communist rule to Mars. However, ruler of Mars, princess Aelita, uses the communist revolution in order to gain absolute power, foiling the protagonist’s plan.

Film will be screened with English subtitles.

18 PLN | 20 PLN
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